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About me

I am obsessed with web services and product design, and love building web and mobile applications that empower people. As creatives, I believe we inevitably discover that we are the curators of the world. In Mike Monteiro’s excellent 47 minute presentation How Designers Destroyed the World, I really liked how he describes designers as gatekeepers.

Thankfully more and more creatives are taking the time to help awaken each other to the importance of responsible design. Another beautiful example is Wilson Miner’s 38 minute talk When We Build, wherein he references this great quote:

“We become what we behold. We shape our tools, and thereafter they shape us.”

— Father John Culkin ( See Wiki )

As a designer that recognizes this power, I’m now fascinated by the things we create out of a passion vs profit, and the intersection of art and software. Let’s make something.

JavaScript Development

Declarative On-scroll Reveal Animations

Written in vanilla JavaScript (no jQuery) for modern browsers. A simple way to create and maintain how elements fade in, triggered when elements enter the viewport.

Design and Development

Generating More Leads for Dial800

Dial800 is a B2B marketing optimization company that hired us to refresh their brand and build a new website. In less than 5 weeks, we increased conversion by over 23%.

Design and Development

Rebranded Sample Landing Page

Direct Results Radio is a radio advertising company that hired us to explore their online content strategy, refresh their brand, and build the landing page of a new marketing site. This is their current site.

Written on Medium

Life Lessons Learned, and Shared

Perfection is an illusion, it’s all about progress. This 4 minute read on Medium is an open letter of advice to anyone with a desirous heart and unfulfilled spirit.


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